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If you dream of moving to live in a country where there is a clean sea, lots of sun and almost always warm, then Spain is ideal for you. It has a favorable Mediterranean climate, interesting culture and a really high level of education. And yet pleasing the low cost of living in Spain, which is especially important for young people. Coming here, the meal you'll spend about the same as back home. And at the same time will eat delicious, organic food that is available here all year round.

Of course, you can not just take a plane ticket, pack a suitcase and fly to Spain forever. To immigrate here, you must first apply for a visa. And the easiest way is to get a student visa to Spain, they issue it most readily.

If you are already walking around Barcelona or basking on the beach in Valencia, then feel free to fill out an application and our agency will help you quickly and ensure that you get a visa to study in Spain. We will accompany you at all stages, from choosing a university to finding accommodation.


In short, it is the cheapest and probably one of the easiest ways to move to Spain legally. Now there are two types of student visas. The first is the type C visa, which is issued for up to 6 months. But due to the pandemic its issuance has been temporarily suspended. Therefore we will consider only the student visa type D, which gives the right to stay legally in Spain from 6 months to 1 year. At the end of this period it can be extended. How to do this, we will tell further. We also tell you how to apply for the visa in Spain. Just imagine: specialists solve your questions, and you at the same time walk the Spanish streets and fall in love with Spanish cuisine. By the way, this method gives you a guarantee in obtaining the cherished residence permit.

Be warned: after reading this article you will have an overwhelming desire to move to Spain on a student visa, because this method of immigration gives solid advantages. But first things first.
  • With this document you can legally stay in the country for a long time without risk to get in trouble with the law.

  • Student visa allows you to work in parallel with the study. Of course this cannot be called a full-fledged job, it's more like moonlighting for 20 hours a week. But note that you need to attend classes, so there is no more time to work. And even for these 20 hours you can earn good money for Spain - about 200 euros a week. And it is also a great opportunity to make useful contacts for future permanent employment.
  • Don't be intimidated by how much a student visa to Spain costs. This method of immigration does not require a lot of finances. Among other types of visas this one is the most affordable. We will tell you more about the cost below.

  • Ability to travel all over Europe. Thanks to the open borders inside the Schengen area you can travel around dozens of countries during your studies. Such travel broadens your horizons, helps practice languages and make new friends.
With a student visa you can move to Spain as a family. You can legally bring your legal spouse, your children under the age of 18, or children of any age if they need your care due to a disability. Your family members can stay legally in the country as long as you are studying on a student visa.

A small package of documents. Compared to other types of visas, this one requires the shortest list of documents, and it won't take you long to gather them.

Easy to get. 99% of student visa applicants to Spain are approved and realize their dream of moving to a sunny and stunningly beautiful country.

More information about this type of visa can be found here.
This type of visa to Spain will suit those who work remotely in their country, but do not have enough finances to apply for a no lukrativa visa or an investor visa. And, of course, this visa is suitable for those who want to study in Europe, learn Spanish, and in the future to stay in Spain.

Also this way choose those who were denied in getting any type of visa in their country or if for some type of visa they didn't have enough documents. And at last student visa to Spain is possibility operatively and it is guaranteed to get residence permit in Europe with minimum expenses of time and money irrespective of age. Even if your age is not a student, with our agency it is not a problem. Read more about what documents are necessary for visa to Spain, read here.


You can apply for a Spanish visa in your own country, for example in Russia, Ukraine or Kazakhstan. But this is a time-consuming procedure. Moreover it's more complicated due to the bureaucratic system in your country. In order to get a guaranteed student visa it is recommended to apply by coming to Spain in person. Many people have doubts when they hear about this method, because on the one hand it is a risk. You need to buy a ticket, pay for accommodation, meals, and the visa may not be opened.

But in fact the risk is minimal. For many years of our agency, all applicants who used this method, get a student visa. You risk more if you apply from your own country. And this option is the most predictable.

So how to apply for a visa in Spain?

Make an appointment for a free consultation with our experts, where we, depending on your situation, make a plan for further action and a detailed list of documents.
You fly to Spain, having arranged a tour or using a biometric passport. The main thing - to enter the country legally with the right to stay in its territory for at least two weeks.
From there, we take care of most of the rest. Depending on the package you choose, we can start with the collection of documents or you can do it yourself with our accompaniment.
You apply online within two weeks with our assistance, receive a positive decision quickly and apply for your residency card with our comprehensive assistance.
Testimonials from our customers
Dreamlife Spain specialists helped me select a Spanish language school. But not just the school, they told me which cities were the cheapest for students. And where I would have more opportunities for my future career. In general, you get all the information, all the details that you won’t find on any website.

They helped me get the local documents, because I did not speak any Spanish. And all the time while I had DreamLife specialists with me, I had no doubts that everything would work out. They were efficient, professional and supportive. Thank you!
Student Visa
Victoria Zhuravleva
Excellent work of a well-coordinated professional team. My case was not the easiest, to be honest. My business partner and I intended to open our business in Spain. At first we were full of doubts. And without professional support and comprehensive consulting with the DreamLife team, we most likely would never go into this risky venture. I recommend DreamLife to everyone thinking about relocating to Spain.
Entrepreneurs Visa
Elena Astrakhantseva
I’d like to express my gratitude to the DreamLife company. They helped my family move to Spain on a non-lucrative visa.
At first, we wanted to do everything ourselves. But we realized that we could not do it! Not only because of the language, but because of the local bureaucracy, which is even worse than in our native country.
I guess you need to live in Spain for many years to understand everything here. I wouldn’t advise newbies to solve issues on their own. It's a big risk and very difficult. My choice is, pay professionals and sleep well!
Family relocation visa
Dmitriy Vasiliev
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