Visa for Spain for entrepreneurs

An entrepreneurial visa is a relatively new was of immigration which applies to anyone who plans to open a business in Spain. Doing business in Europe where conditions are favorable and conducive to business development is many entrepreneur’s dream.
Getting this type of visa is quite feasible because Spain actively attracts ground-breaking start-ups and new technologies to its country.

Most importantly, doing business in Spain gives you a good chance of getting a visa and moving your whole family to a warm and comfortable country.
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If you have an innovative idea, a business plan to attract investment and you can prove financial solvency (20,000€ per year, per applicant and 11,000€ per year, per additional family member.)

This type of visa offers an interesting opportunity because if your project is of interest to Spain, you can get financial assistance from the Ministry of Economy to implement your business plan.

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Who qualifies for an entrepreneurs visa
What you need to get an entrepreneurs visa
This type of visa does not require as much capital as an investor or real estate visa. However, it is important to have a feasible business plan with good prospects for investment and success.
To qualify, you must have approximately 30,000€ per year for your project. This amount does not have to come just from you, it can be shared amongst your co-investors.
We offer assistance in gathering all your documents and preparing them for application. Our experts can tell you more about the process at a free consultation.
Documents for Entrepreneur Visa
Application form for residence permit
Valid passport and copies of all its pages
Health insurance in Spain
Medical certificate
Photos 3x4
Criminal record certified translation and c The Hague apostille
Bank statements confirming income of at least 25,560€ per year
Advantages of an Entrepreneur Visa
It is easier to open and run a business in Spain than in other European countries. There is a rapidly developing economy and a growing consumer market which opens up great opportunities for your business.
Taxes in Spain are computerized, so many procedures can be done online. In addition, taxes here are much lower than in other European countries
Once you get your entrepreneur visa, there is no holding period and you are free to come in and out of the country as you wish.
Furthermore, this visa allows you to get residence permits for more than one founder as well as for your team members.
Our agency can get you an entrepreneur visa in 1-2 months with minimal participation on your part. So contact as and go about your business as we prepare your application documents
Terms of processing business visa
to Spain
Our fees depend on a variety of factors such as how many people wish to apply and how long you plan to stay in Spain. Call us for a free consultation and we will give you a detailed break down of our fees.
The cost of obtaining a business visa
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