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Immigration to Spain for investors

A golden visa for Spain is your key to a new life. Get a golden visa by investing in the Spanish economy. Our agency will help you with the entire process and all the stages of applying for an investor visa.
Golden visa is one of the most reliable ways of getting a residence permit in Spain.

It allows you to get a visa in the shortest amount of time and opens up a lot of privileges of life in Spain.
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Those who are ready and willing to invest heavily in the economy can het an investor visa for Spain. This visa will be issued to anyone purchasing real estate in Spain for a minimum of 500,000€ or by making a deposit of 1,000,000 € into a Spanish bank account or investing 1,000,000€ into Spanish businesses.

We can advise you on where it is most profitable to invest and help you select the most suitable option for you.
Who can get a gold visa
to Spain
Who can get a gold visa to Spain
How to get a visa for investors in Spain
To apply for an investor visa to Spain, you need to have the above amounts and be able to invest them in real estate or business.

We will advise you on where it is more profitable to invest, and select the most suitable options.
You can delegate the collection of documents to us in order to speed up the process and get your residence permit as fast as possible.
Documents for investor visa
Passport (original and copy).
Internal passport (original and copy).
Medical insurance for one year.
Certificate of criminal record + notarized translation into Spanish.
2 filled in visa application forms.
2 color photos 35×45.
Bank records proving financial solvency Receipt of consular payment Documents proving investment
What gives an investor visa to Spain
With an investor visa, you can stay in the country for as long as you want and it allows you to come in and out of the country as often as you want.
And should you want to apply for citizenship in the future, rest assured that the time you spent in Spain with an investor visa will count towards residency requirements.
Ten years after you get an investor visa, you will be eligible to apply for citizenship.
AN investor visa is also an opportunity to move to Spain with your entire family. You can take your spouse, children and even your elderly parents.
Our agency can help you get an investor’s visa in 1-2 months. The whole process can be handled with minimal participation on your part so you can go about your business while we prepare everything for you.
Visa processing terms
We can tell the exact cost of the our services over a free telephone consultation. These fees will be calculated according to how many people wish to apply for a visa, how long you want to stay in Spain amongst other factors.

Make an appointment for a consultation or call us on the listed phone numbers. We will calculate the exact cost of your visa for Spain.
Cost of visa application for investors
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