Spanish student visa

Studying in Spain is the most popular and affordable option for everyone to immigrate to this sunny country. In order to do that, you need to apply for a type D student visa.

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This option of legal relocation to Spain is perfect for everyone who wants to get a prestigious European education or learn Spanish, which is the second most common language in the world.

The requirements for financial solvency are much more modest for getting a student visa, than for other types of visas. If you do not have large savings or stable income, immigrating on a student visa is a great option. You and your family will get the right to legally live in Spain.

Who can apply for a student visa in Spain
What you need to get a Spanish student visa
You need to enroll in paid education at one of the country's educational institutions that has the necessary accreditation. We will help you find a language school, university or business school that meets all your visa requirements.
Note! All documents must be translated into Spanish. Contact us, and we will not only translate, but also collect the entire package of documents for you.
Documents for a student visa
2 completed visa applications. National passport and copies of all pages. Valid international passport and copies of all pages. 2 color photographs
Medical insurance for the entire period of stay in Spain. Medical certificate confirming the absence of dangerous diseases
A document confirming that you have accommodation for the entire duration of your stay in Spain. Documents proving your enrollment in an educational institution
Financial documents confirming you have sufficient funds for the entire period of your stay in Spain. Criminal record issued no earlier than 3 months before your application
Advantages of a student visa
European education is highly valued in the world and it promises great opportunities for employment. Getting a Spanish diploma is the most profitable and convenient.
Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. And the cost of studying in Spain is much lower than in other European countries. As well as the cost of living in this sunny country.
Student residence permit, which you get upon admission to study, gives you the right to travel within the Schengen area. It also gives you the right to do a paid work internship – 20 hours a week.
In addition, studying in Spain and knowing the Spanish language increase your chances of obtaining a long-term residence permit with the right to work for you and your children.
You need from 1 to 3 months to apply for a Spanish student visa. Therefore, we recommend that you start collecting documents in advance. Or entrust the entire process to us and save yourself the hassle.
Student visa processing time
From €2.500
Entrust all the paperwork to our specialists so that it does not complicate your relocation to Spain on a student visa. We will manage everything. And in the meantime you will pack your bags and fly to your new Spanish life.
Student residence processing fee
The SINGLE plan is perfect for someone who does not want to do all the paperwork by oneself. We collect all the documents for you and submit them online. All you need to do is, arrive in Spain on a tourist visa. This plan includes application for a student residence + selection of long-term housing + IVA.
The FAMILY plan is designed for a family of 3. This plan is most often ordered by our clients. It includes not only obtaining student visas, but also all other steps if you come to Spain with children. We will enroll your kid in a school and find a home for rent for the whole family nearby.
The COUPLE plan is perfect for two people who want to solve all issues at once. We will collect all the documents, select housing for you, arrange a residence permit. And, most importantly, we will be with you everywhere, on every stage, and even accompany you to all the necessary meetings here in Spain. What could be easier than getting a Spanish student visa with a team of caring professionals?
arrange medical insurance
open bank account
submit documents under supervision of a lawyer
collect documents
select type of legalization
search housing for long-term rent and process registration
arrange residenсе card obtaining
fill out state fee and application forms
arrange medical insurance
submit documents under supervision of a lawyer
open bank account
collect complete package of documents
arrange residenсе card obtaining
search housing for long-term rent
deliver documents upon additional request from authorities
register at the place of residence
open bank account
fill out state fee and application forms
arrange medical insurance and certificates
select educational institutions
collect a complete package of documents
arrange residenсе card obtaining
select housing for long-term rent and process registration
*If you are not sure what plan is the best for you, book a free consultation below, and, depending on your current situation, we will advise which option would be optimal for you and your family, and give you a discount.

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