Visa for Spain when buying real estate

Buying real estate in Spain provides the opportunity for you and your family to move to the country. We can help you find and chose a property and help you with the purchasing process.
We can answer all your questions about how to buy a property in Spain as a foreigner, the things you need to know when buying a property in Spain, what the laws are for both non-EU and EU citizens who want to buy property, the problems and investment opportunities associated with buying a house or apartment and questions you need to ask before buying a property.
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Buying real estate is a reliable and quick way of immigrating to Spain from the US, South America, Europe or Russia. It is a great option for those who are looking to make a profitable investment and seeing it grow in the future. If you buy real estate in Spain, you can apply for citizenship after residing in the country for 10 years.

Housing here is increasing in value, so in just a few short years, it can be profitable to sell or rent your property. We are here to discuss the pros and cons of buying real estate and act as your guide to help you buy your dream home. We can help you answer frequently asked questions such as is it a good time to buy a home in Spain, what are the rules and fees associated with buying real estate in Spain.

Can anyone buy property in Spain, how safe is it to buy a house, what are the tax implications? In short, we are your guide for all the information you need to know before making such an important purchase.

Who is suitable for this type of visa
How to get a visa if you have bought property in Spain
To apply for an investor visa to Spain, you must have the above amounts and be able to invest them in a company or project.

We will advise you on where to invest, and select the most suitable options.
This list can be supplemented on a case-by-case basis. To find out what documents you personally need and to get help in choosing a property, make an appointment for a free consultation.
Package of documents to get a visa to buy a property:
Passport (original and copy).
Internal passport (original and a copy).
Health insurance.
Reference from a bank, confirming a sufficient amount for the entire stay in Spain.
Questionnaire for the visa center.
Two photos 3,5 x4,5 cm.
A copy of an official act of sale (Escritura pública), notarized. Extract from the Property Registry - Nota Simple Informativa.
The advantages of a visa when buying real estate
In addition, if you buy a house in Spain or an apartment, you can immigrate to Spain as a family at the same time.
The owner of a property in Spain can apply for a multiple visa. It allows you to stay in Spain and the Schengen area for 180 days a year.
This means that you can repeatedly enter and exit the Schengen countries.
Our agency can arrange a visa for the purchase of real estate for 1-2 months. The whole process takes place with a minimum of your participation, so contact us in advance and mind your own business while we prepare the documents.
Visa processing terms
We can tell you the exact cost of the service at a free consultation. It depends on the number of people in your family and a number of other factors.

Make an appointment for a consultation or call us on the listed phone numbers. We will calculate the exact cost of the visa to Spain.
The cost of a visa when buying a property
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