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There are many ways to move to Spain, but the most reliable and attractive one is the investor visa. In this article, we will tell you all the nuances of the visa: how to obtain it, what it provides, and how to apply for a GOLDEN VISA in 2023. We will also advise you on how to do everything as quickly and with minimal hassle as possible.

Why spain is better than other countries

If you have already considered investing in the economy of another country, then you have probably asked yourself the question, “Which country to choose?” Of course, Spain is love at first sight and for a lifetime. The sea, sun, great climate, delicious cuisine, and friendly Spaniards. But for those who are planning to invest at least half a million euros, these arguments may not be enough. Well, then here is a list of more significant advantages that this country offers.

To process all documents is much easier in Spain than in other European countries. Yes, there is bureaucracy here too, but compared to most European countries, Spain is like a resort for those who want to obtain a residence permit.

Real estate prices in Spain are low compared to neighboring countries in the European Union. Therefore, with €500,000, you have a wide choice.

Becoming a Spanish citizen is quite possible. In the European Union, there are many countries where citizenship is impossible to obtain, even if you marry a citizen of that country and live there for half of your life. Spain is the most hospitable and loyal in this regard. Foreigners are treated well here, especially those who are willing to invest, develop new technologies, work for the good of the economy, and pay taxes.

The Spanish investor visa is credited to its owner from the first day towards possible future citizenship. Ten years after receiving the first Golden Visa, you can apply for Spanish citizenship.

The country's government invests significant funds in innovation. And now, as the country strives to enter the innovation market, this is an opportunity to open a startup in Spain. Without significant competition, in conditions of state support, and with a deficit of jobs, Spain is the best country for business development.

You can stay in the country for as long as you want, leave and enter as many times as you want. Restrictions on the length of stay in the country to maintain a residence permit apply to all other types of visas, except for the Golden Visa. The lack of ties to the country is an important bonus for those who conduct business in different countries. It is enough for you to open a business in Spain, appoint trusted people, and in the future, you will be able to come to the country whenever you want.

Another essential advantage of the Golden Visa is the possibility of moving to Spain with the whole family. Family members can apply for visas at the same time as the main applicant on the same day. However, only close relatives of the visa holder who are financially dependent on him/her will receive bonuses: spouse, children, and elderly parents.

How to obtain a spanish golden visa

If you are interested in obtaining a Golden Visa, here are the conditions for obtaining it.

  • The right to obtain a Golden Visa is granted by purchasing real estate in Spain for an amount of €500,000 or more. This does not necessarily have to be a property worth half a million, you can purchase several properties, as long as the total value of the real estate is not less than €500,000. There is also the possibility of joint purchase of real estate, but each buyer's share must be no less than half a million.
  • Buying property on credit does not give you the right to obtain a Golden Visa, and the property must be tax-free.
  • Another way to obtain an investor visa in Spain is by investing in Spanish state-owned companies. Purchasing shares or investing an amount not less than €1,000,000 gives you the right to obtain a Golden Visa in Spain.
  • It is also possible to purchase securities for an amount of €2,000,000. We are talking exclusively about government bond securities. The visa applicant must be the sole owner of these securities. The minimum investment period in this case is 5 years.
  • A deposit of €1,000,000 in a Spanish bank is also a basis for obtaining a Golden Visa. The amount must remain on the balance sheet throughout the visa's validity period.

A new trend in the country's migration policy is the startup visas in Spain. They are granted to authors of innovative projects related to the IT sector, although there is a whole list of industries in Spain that require innovation. If your project creates new jobs in the country, pushes the development of innovative technologies, or helps the development of industry, you have every chance of obtaining an investor visa in Spain. The job market in the country has changed a lot recently, so the Spanish Kingdom welcomes new technologies and innovative projects.

Document package for obtaining a golden visa

After investing in the Spanish economy, you can apply for a Golden Visa in Spain. This can be done either in Spain or at any Spanish consulate in another country.

The full document package for obtaining a Spanish investor visa includes:

  • Documents confirming the acquisition of real estate, government bonds, certificates of ownership of a company’s shares – in other words, everything that confirms the fact of investment
  • 2 completed visa application forms
  • Passport (original and copy). The passport must be valid for at least one year after the visa application is submitted
  • National ID card/passport (original and copy)
  • 2 color photographs (without headwear, glasses, on a white background) sized 35×45
  • Medical insurance valid for one year. Important – the insurance must have full coverage, including hospitalization and repatriation, and the contract must be signed with a Spanish insurance company
  • Certificate of no criminal record + notarized translation into Spanish
  • Documents confirming financial solvency (bank account statements showing that you have sufficient funds to live in Spain)
  • Receipt of payment for consular fees

What you can buy for €500,000

  • If you want to move to Spain, we recommend considering real estate options near the sea with a good climate and developed infrastructure. In this case, Barcelona or Valencia would be perfect for you.
  • In the elite areas of Barcelona with old architecture, such as Pedralbes or Eixample, you can buy spacious apartments of about 90 square meters for this amount.
  • In new areas like Diagonal Mar, you can expect to buy a 4-room apartment in a new building. Diagonal Mar is just a few steps away from the beach.
  • In resort towns on the Catalan coast, you can buy a townhouse in Spain or a villa for €500,000.
  • If you are interested in calm and inexpensive places to live, where, for example, your elderly parents could live, you can consider the south of Spain – Andalusia. There the average cost of a spacious apartment is about €150,000, and for half a million, you can get an excellent villa with a garden.
  • To rent out your property in the future, we recommend considering Madrid, where rental apartments are always in high demand. The average cost of renting housing in Madrid is about €1650 per apartment.

Special offer for golden investors from our agency

So, you have already realized that Spain is the best choice for you in every way. All that remains is to turn your dream into reality and enjoy all the benefits of your new status. That's why our agency offers you a super cool service – the “GOLDEN package”. It includes not only complete assistance with all documents and housing, but also a personal driver, personal interpreter, exciting entertainment, visits to cool places, and an introduction to the real Barcelona. This package includes all the best that Spain has to offer. And, we'll let you in on a secret – many of these entertainment options are not available to tourists or even the Spanish themselves. Intrigued? Then take a look at the full list of services included in this package.

Full visa support for investors in Spain, including document collection, translation, and personal escort to all government institutions. We take care of absolutely everything, and you only need to be present and sign occasionally.

We will open a bank account in a Spanish bank for you and purchase an insurance policy.
Our agency will select a suitable property to purchase or identify profitable investment projects.
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Experience a full day at sea with a sailing lesson under the guidance of an experienced captain.
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We will book a room for you in one of the best hotels in the city.

The cost for this package is 19,000 euros. Additionally, if you plan to purchase real estate, you will need to pay a commission to the real estate agency, purchase tax, and notary services.
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