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Mission Possible:
With us you move to Spain in a seamless and enjoyable way
Leave your relocation planning to our team of professionals, and rest assured that everything will go smoothly.
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What are my chances of moving to Spain?
Fill out the form and wait for a call from Dreamlife. We will clarify important details to offer a solution.
Dreamlife is for those who...
Already live in Spain and are looking for ways to get legal residence.
Want to move to Spain, but currently live in another country.
Have already started the process but don't know what to do next.
Dream of obtaining a European residence permit but don't know where to start.
How Does Dreamlife Help?
All types of residencies in Spain: We find a relocation scenario and type of residency that meets your specific needs, and increase your chances of approval.
Residence Processing
A full range of services for those who have just moved– complete relocation packages ("turnkey relocation"), and specific, customized services (i.e. housing search, opening a bank account, enrolling a child in school, and assistance with government agencies).
Other Services
Assistance with any type of visa
Dreamlife Spain | About Us
Dreamteam — We are a team of professionals, immigration experts, and lawyers with an international background. For over 7 years, we’ve been helping people move to Spain from different parts of the world, working with those who looking to relocate from the USA, South America, and Europeans countries.
We know the in’s and out’s of the Spanish bureaucracy, and how to help you create a comfortable life in Spain, from finding a new home to enrolling a child in school.
Our goal is to make moving to Spain easy and convenient for everyone, without mistakes or wasted time.
have moved with us.
> 1000
positive decisions on various types of residence permits in 2023.
of clients receive visa approval.
Alina Kabakova
Hola, straight from Barcelona!

At Dreamlife, we value speed and results. Therefore, we adapt our expertise based on unique needs and requests, and provide personalized solutions faster than our competitors.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all services; instead, we focus on addressing the details and specific situations of each client. When someone says, “I need help moving to Valencia with two children and a cat,” we know exactly what to do.

We also know the challenges that arise post-relocation, including adjustment and adaptation to your new life. With Dreamlife, you can put those worries aside. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in feeling like a local in Spain!
Founder of Dreamlife Spain:
Dreamlife's service — We create a thorough plan tailored to facilitate your relocation and adjustment to your new home in the sunniest country in Europe! We help you obtain a European residence permit, and find solutions to the 1,001 problems that arise during the relocation process.
Why Dreamlife Spain?
Turnkey Relocation
Unlike other companies, we take care of both legal and everyday issues. Most importantly, we do this at no extra cost. Our relocation approach operates on a fixed cost model, granting you inclusive access to a comprehensive range of services and solutions.
Knowing general information is not enough; it's more important to apply expertise based on unique needs and requests. To do this, we assign a personal manager to help you at every stage.
Individual solutions
Comprehensive approach and additional services
Relocation doesn't end with obtaining the necessary residency. Adapting to your new life has only begun, and we are here to help when you don't know who to turn to. Whether it's enrolling a child in school, finding the right doctor, resolving disputes with your landlord, or one of the hundreds of other important details that determine your comfort in a new country, we are here to help.
International expertise and local experience
Dreamlife's immigration experts are familiar with the current context of Spanish bureaucracy. We know how to work with documents and accounts effectively, avoiding mistakes and providing results in each case.
Our team
Aleksandra Scherstyannikova
Luciana Mercedes Torrents
Inna Kornienko
Senior Account Manager
Immigration Lawyer
Account Manager
Our team
Aleksandra Scherstyannikova
Luciana Mercedes Torrents
Senior Account Manager
Immigration Lawyer
Inna Kornienko
Account Manager
Aleksandra Scherstyannikova
Luciana Mercedes Torrents
Senior Account Manager
Immigration Lawyer
Inna Kornienko
Account Manager
How to Move to Spain on Your Own?
Purchase the video course by Alina Kabakova.
5 video modules with the most useful and up-to-date information for 2024.
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