A Comprehensive Approach to Relocation
Dreamlife Care at Every Stage
Every aspect of adjusting to your new life is under the professional care of Dreamlife experts – from opening a bank account and obtaining a pet permit, to enrolling a child in school and navigating government institutions
A comprehensive range of services for those who have recently relocated to Spain.
"I am an immigrant too, my story began nine years ago when I moved to Spain and started my life from scratch. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to navigate a new country, particularly the everyday details that have a big impact on your life. Tasks like making a doctor's appointment without sufficient knowledge of Spanish, or finding an appropriate school for a child can be especially difficult.

I believe that nothing is too small or insignificant when it comes to personal comfort: that's why our premium care service was created. We extend our assistance beyond documents to ensure a seamless transition, and have you feeling like a local in Spain as soon as possible after your arrival."
Alina Kabakova, founder of Dreamlife Spain
With care about your comfort
Sometimes a little more attention is needed to ensure everything goes smoothly. That’s why our Dreamlife experts have years of experience with paperwork, banking, legal, cultural, and language matters.
What assistance is needed?
Know where to go for a certificate, sensitive diagnostics, and in case of illness
Application submission, registration, and/or assistance in obtaining
Certificates | Cards | Passes | Memberships
Details that define domestic comfort– for those who have already moved to Spain and those who are taking the first steps in emigration
Helping animals adjust to their new environment, with care for the budget and time of their owners
Assistance with banking matters for any citizenship
Assistance with getting little dreamers get into school, extra-curricular activities, or music classes
Complete assistance when buying a car, registering parking, or exchanging driver's licenses
Assistance in obtaining documents needed for residency application
Don't speak Spanish? We'll translate!
Professional translation services — for your comfort and peace of mind.
100€+IVA | 1 hour
50€ | subsequent extra time
Individual Cases = Personal Solutions
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