Immigration as a family on a residence permit without the right to work

Dreaming of moving to Spain with our family from the US, South America, Europe or Russia? We know which visa applies to your particular situation and we will help you get it fast.
A non-lucrative visa is a residence permit that allows you to live but not to work in Spain. You do not need to invest all of your savings or buy expensive real estate to get this visa.

And after living in Spain for a year you are able to apply for a residence permit with the right to work. We will take you through the entire process.
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A non-lucrative visa is great for freelancers and entrepreneurs in particular who can work remotely or conduct business in another country.

A non-lucrative visa is also a good option for retirees who have savings for a carefree life in Spain. Since the cost of living is cheaper in Spain than in most other European countries, those savings will stretch further.
Who qualifies for a residence permit without the right to work?
What is needed to get a residence permit without the right to work?
The main requirement to get a non-lucrative visa is to prove that you have at least 25,560€ per year and an additional 6,390€ per year for each additional family member.

Please note that these figures change from time to time. To find out the current amounts, sign up for a free consultation.
We offer assistance in the collection of documents needed for your application. Our experts will guide you through the entire process.
Documents for obtaining residence without the right to work in Spain
Application form for residence permit
Valid passport and copies of all its pages
Medical insurance in Spain
Medical certificate
Photos 3x4
Criminal record with a certified translation c The Hague apostille
Bank statements proving your solvency for yourself and each family member moving with you
Advantages of a visa without the right to work
This visa allows you to move to Spain with your entire family
This type of visa also allows you to travel freely within the Schengen area
Another plus, from the moment you arrive in Spain, the clock will get rolling on your right to apply for citizenship in the future.
Within one year, you can file to change this type of visa for one that does allow you to work
Our agency can get you a non-lucrative visa in just one to two months with minimal participation on your part, so contact us in advance and go about your business while we prepare all your paperwork and application.
Timing of residence permit without right to work
depends on a variety of factors such as how many people are planning on applying for residence, how long you plan to stay in Spain, as well as other factors. Call us for a free quote.
The cost of our services
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