50 Spanish Restaurants
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Hello dreamers and travelers! As your go-to experts and trusted source for the very best in Spain, we're proud to present our carefully curated selection of the country’s 50 Best Restaurants for 2023. From Michelin-star gems in Madrid to seaside culinary experiences in Valencia, each restaurant on our list is a testament to the artistry and passion of Spain’s top chefs. Select a city, choose a unique dining spot, and embark on your journey to experience the finest and most delightful flavors that Spain has to offer. Bon appétit!
The only three Michelin star restaurant in Madrid, offering a unique and avant-garde dining experience by Chef David Muñoz.
Calle de Padre Damián, 23, 28036 Madrid, Spain
Deessa, located in the Mandarin Oriental Ritz, is a restaurant that offers a contemporary take on Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. Under the guidance of Chef Quique Dacosta, the restaurant focuses on seasonal ingredients and creative presentation.
Pl. de la Lealtad, 5, 28014 Madrid, Spain
Salmon Guru
A cocktail bar known for its innovative drinks and eclectic interior, providing a unique and memorable experience.
Calle Echegaray, 21, 28014 Madrid, Spain
A lively venue from Chef David Muñoz, offering a unique fusion of Asian and Spanish flavors.
Calle de Serrano, 52, 28001 Madrid, Spain
La Vaca y La Huerta
A farm-to-table restaurant focused on seasonal and local ingredients, offering a range of Spanish dishes.
Calle de Recoletos, 13, 28001 Madrid, Spain
Casa Mono
Known for its grilled meats and fish, offering a modern take on traditional Spanish cuisine.
Calle de la Tutora, 37, 28008 Madrid, Spain
Bodega de la Ardosa
A historic tavern established in 1892, famous for its vermouth on tap and classic tapas.
Calle de Colón, 13, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Cervecería La Campana
A popular spot known for bocadillos de calamares, a Madrid specialty.
Calle de Botoneras, 6, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Casa González
A charming deli and tapas bar in operation since 1931, offering a range of Spanish delicacies.
Calle del León, 12, 28014 Madrid, Spain
Mercado de San Miguel
A historic market with a variety of food stalls selling tapas, pastries, seafood, and more. Prices vary by stall.
Plaza de San Miguel, s/n, 28005 Madrid, Spain
A three Michelin star restaurant known for its innovative Catalan cuisine by Chef Jordi Cruz.
Avinguda del Tibidabo, 1, 08022 Barcelona, Spain
Boca Grande
A trendy restaurant known for its vibrant atmosphere and eclectic Mediterranean menu.
Passatge de la Concepció, 12, 08008 Barcelona
A Michelin two-star restaurant known for its avant-garde dishes with a Mediterranean influence.
Carrer de Villarroel, 163, 08036 Barcelona, Spain
El Nacional
A unique culinary space offering various dining and drinking options under one roof.
Passeig de Gràcia, 24 Bis, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
Cinc Sentits
A Michelin-starred restaurant known for its Catalan tasting menus.
Carrer d’Aribau, 58, 08011 Barcelona, Spain
A renowned cocktail bar with a speakeasy-style ambiance and innovative mixology.
Carrer de Rera Palau, 4, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
Bar Cañete
A popular tapas bar known for its high-quality ingredients and traditional Catalan dishes.
Carrer de la Unió, 17, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
Quimet & Quimet
A historic tapas bar famous for its montaditos and wide selection of wines.
Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes, 25, 08004 Barcelona, Spain
Cal Pep
Known for its seafood tapas and lively atmosphere.
Plaça de les Olles, 8, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
La Cova Fumada
A family-run bar famous for its bombas and traditional tapas.
Carrer del Baluard, 56, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.
Ricard Camarena
A two Michelin star restaurant known for creative and locally sourced dishes
Av. de Burjassot, 54, 46009 València, Spain
El Poblet
Offers innovative Valencian cuisine with one Michelin star.
Carrer de Correus, 8, 46002 València, Spain
La Salita
Run by Chef Begoña Rodrigo, it serves inventive dishes in a cozy setting.
Carrer de Pere III el Gran, 11, 46005 Valencia, Spain
Casa Carmela
Famous for its wood-fired paella and traditional Valencian cuisine.
Carrer d’Isabel de Villena, 155, 46011 València, Spain
Central Bar
A bustling tapas bar inside Mercado Central.
Pl. de la Ciutat de Bruges, 46002 València, Spain
Bodega Casa Montaña
One of the oldest bodegas in Valencia, known for its wines and tapas.
Carrer de Josep Benlliure, 69, 46011 València, Spain
A local favorite for its authentic Valencian dishes and affordable prices.
Carrer d’Àngel Guimerà, 61, 46008 València, Spain
Café de las Horas
A stylish bar known for its cocktails, especially the Agua de Valencia.
Carrer del Comte d’Almodóvar, 1, 46003 València, Spain
Sant Jaume
A cozy bar specializing in gin and tonics.
Carrer de Cavallers, 51, 46001 València, Spain
Radio City
A lively bar and cultural space offering a range of events.
Carrer de Santa Teresa, 19, 46001 València, Spain
A three Michelin star restaurant known for its innovative Basque cuisine and sustainable practices. Chef Eneko Atxa creates a memorable dining experience with his avant-garde approach.
Legina Auz., s/n, 48195 Larrabetzu, Bizkaia, Spain
Offering creative Basque cuisine in an elegant setting, this restaurant is highly regarded for its quality dishes and exceptional service.
Juan Ajuriaguerra Kalea, 8, 48009 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain
Located in the Guggenheim Museum, Nerua offers an innovative tasting menu with a focus on Basque ingredients. It has been awarded a Michelin star for its culinary excellence.
Abandoibarra Etorb., 2, 48001 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain
A Michelin-starred restaurant known for its seasonal tasting menus and creative dishes that highlight local ingredients.
Muelle Marzana, 48003 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain
This restaurant offers a range of traditional Basque dishes and tasting menus in an elegant setting.
Alameda de Mazarredo, 17, 48001 Bilbao, Bizkaia
Bistró Guggenheim Bilbao
A more casual dining option at the Guggenheim, offering a variety of Basque and Spanish dishes.
Abandoibarra Etorb., 2, 48001 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain
Café Iruña
A historic café known for its beautiful Andalusian-inspired décor and its pintxos (small tapas-like dishes).
Berastegui Kalea, 4, 48001 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain